Gemlogis Ciel ONE diamond Tester
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The CIEL ONE combines thermal and electrical conductivity to distinguish the difference between diamond, moissanite and simulant. The CIEL ONE uses “Visible Violet Light” technology to illuminate the Moissanite which excites the atoms and improves electrical conductivity. This facilitates the tester to detect the Forever One Moissanite. The CIEL ONE also works seamlessly with the Pistachio Referential Meter to indicate a variety of popular gemstones such as sapphire, topaz, emerald and glass.

•   “Visible Violet Light” technology to detect the Forever One       Moissanite

•   Hi-Tech infrared innovation.

•   Portable and pocket-size for convenience of all users.

•   Includes lanyard, metal stone rest and charging adapter.

•   Retractable Tip Maintains Constant pressure against stone.

•   Quick & accurate testing of stones as small as 0.02      regardless of shape, rough, cut, loose or mounted.

•   Two-year warranty.

•   Requires 3 AAA batteries.