Gemlogis products feature a 12 - 24 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY.

• Defects in material and workmanship are covered by the limited warranty. Batteries and probe tip are not covered under this warranty.

• This warranty will be void by unauthorized repair, misuse, modification and alteration, tampering or accidental damage, neglect or improper use.

• The warranty becomes effective from the date of original purchase given the purchaser fills in the enclosed WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM and mails it back to the stated address within 30 days of purchase along with a copy of their invoice (bill of sale). Alternatively the purchaser can register online.
If the above criteria is not met, the item will automatically be covered by a 90 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY from the date of your purchase, as noted on the bill of sale.

• In the event that the model is no longer available or has been discontinued and warranty coverage is applicable, at the sole discretion of the manufacturer, an equivalent tester may be substituted in place of the defective unit.

• The purchaser is responsible for all handling costs (Including freight and insurance) for both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Non-warranty repairs may incur additional costs subject to the defect condition.