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Multi Tester

MANTIS features a built-
in Visible Violet light for enhance accuracy. Furthermore, it works seamlessly with Gemlogis BLEU / PISTACHIO via a wireless connection to indicate a variety of popular colorstones.

Product Features

  • Built-in Visible Violet Light for enhanced accuracy

  • LCD Display for both left / right hand user

  • ATC Solution accounts for different temperature of the testing environment

  • First Infrared design. Works seamlessly with PISTACHIO / BLEU

  • Retractable tip designed at ergonomic testing angle

gem-product mantis 3.jpg

Technical Specs

  • Testing Range: 0.02ct+

  • Color Range: Colorless gemstone (D-J)

  • Dimensions (mm): 190 x 45 x 32

  • Weight (g): 76g

  • Battery Life (Hrs): 3hrs non-stop. 720hrs standby

  • Warranty: Factory 12 months

User Manual

See our FAQ for product Troubleshooting

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